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Why should I hire a freelance writer like you instead of a digital marketing firm or ad agency?


        I have nothing against marketing firms and ad agencies. In fact, those types of businesses are some of my best clients. Typically, agencies have higher overhead than I do, and it’s reflected in their rates. Plus, most agencies don’t have in-house writers. Instead, they either ask their clients to provide their own copy or they farm it out to a specialist like me (adding a little something for themselves to my rates). 


Assuming I’ve decided to go the freelance route, why should I hire you vs. another writer?


        I bring not only expert writing skills to the table but also marketing acumen and business know-how. I’ve written for many companies and helped them get results. I can do the same for you.


What writing services do you provide?


        I do content writing, blogging, copywriting and translating. You can easily find them in my portfolio.


How much do you charge for your writing services?


        I quote each writing project individually because every project is different. I try to assess the complexity of a project and the level of expertise required. My rates are competitive. As a freelance writer, I work out of my home, so my overhead is minimal, and that’s reflected in my prices.


What is your hourly rate for writing?


        I get this question all the time, so let me explain a little bit about pricing.  While I factor in the number of hours I’ll need to complete your writing project, I don’t charge for my writing services by the hour. There’s a reason for that. The amount of time it takes me to write is irrelevant. What is important to you is results. Right? The reason you hire a writer like me is not to save money. You’re paying me the experience I have that ensures you’ll get high quality. I base my fees on the value I provide, not time.


What is your niche? Can you write outside of your niche?


        My niche is pet care topics, but I have written about food, travel, Cannabis, lifestyle, and education in the past. If you have different ideas than my niche and wish to work with me, feel free to contact me and let's see if we can work together.


Do you offer services in other languages?


        Yes. I'm fluent in Hungarian.


In what form will you submit your work?


        I’ll provide the draft to you in MS Word sent via email.


What if I don't like the first draft of your written work?


        Usually, I come pretty close to hitting the nail on the head, but if that’s not the case, it’s a problem easily solved. In fact, that’s really the purpose of writing the first draft. It helps me to clarify exactly what you do want. That first draft then becomes a starting point for me to get your feedback and write a second draft that’s more on target.


Do you have any references?


        You can read testimonials from my clients here. If you want to speak to any of my current writing clients, feel free to ask, and I’ll provide you with their contact information.


How long are around turnaround times?


        My clients are usually impressed with how efficiently things get done. The turnaround will depend on the size and complexity of your work. Like I said previously, once we clarify the parameters of your project, I’ll give you a firm completion date. If you have a deadline to meet, please let me know up front, and I’ll do everything I can to accommodate you.


I need writing that improves my site’s ranking on Google. Do you understand search engine optimization (SEO)?


        Yes. I can assist you with keyword research. Or you can provide the keywords you wish to target, and I’ll produce quality copy that cleverly incorporates them. In addition to page content, I can also write your title tags and meta-description tags, since they’re important elements of search engine optimization.


What makes you a unique freelance writer?


        I care about my clients and their success. I get wholly invested in every project I do. I look at the big picture but also pay attention to details. I think strategically but with a creative flair. And I employ my business experience, garnered from working with many businesses over the years, to guide your marketing in the right direction. When we begin working together, you’ll find I ask lots of questions. More importantly, I listen to your answers. I want to understand your business model. I get up to speed quickly and deliver marketing insights that go well beyond writing.


Will you work as a ghostwriter?


        Yes. Many of my clients prefer to hire me on a ghostwriting basis, so my name won't appear on your website. Only a small number of my ghostwriting clients allow me to use their name, business, and even some work in my portfolio or on my website.


Do we have to sign a contract?


        Yes. After we've discussed the parameters of your project, both of us have to sign an agreement that summarizes the details, including the price. The agreement is a good way for us both to ensure that we have the same expectations.

How do I pay you? What type of payment do you accept?


        If you are a one time client, you'll receive an invoice right away. But if you are a regular client, you'll receive an invoice bimonthly. There is also a late fee for late payment and it will be all laid out in our contract. 


        I accept company checks or electronic payments through PayPal. Please be aware that PayPal charges a fee of approximately 3%


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