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Hi, I'm Judit!

What I can do: write articles and blogs, grow your website, and sharpen your brand. I'm here to help you take your business to the next level!


(With my assistant)

I have always been passionate about writing. About 7 years ago I started to write articles and blog posts for various online magazines.


Along the way, I rescued a Dachshund mix girl who became my writing assistant. I have always loved animals, so I started writing articles about dogs which definitely was life-changing. I love having that sense of “something larger than myself” – the mission for better treatment of animals, and excess spoiling of our domesticated pets. 


I have also written ghostwriting blog posts about traveling for some social media sites, skin therapy blogs for various Spas, and decadent recipes for a Cooking Website.


I bring this passion to every project I touch and I do my own research on any given topic.  I pride myself on providing the highest quality of work, and will never complete a project until the client is 100% satisfied. I'm dedicated to producing in a timely manner, capable of working under strict deadlines, and I'm always willing to learn, collaborate, and evolve to produce the best work possible.

I will take the time to learn about who your audience is so I can view things from their perspective and inspire them to pay attention or do something.


I will take the time to learn about what your business goals are so the copy I create for you actually get you results

Ready to tell me about your latest project or idea? Let's talk about the value I could bring into your business!

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